symmetry magazine

Neutrinos, the standard model misfits” February 2013

Midwest muon experiments carry on East Coast legacy” January 2013

Electronics in an extra dimension” October 2012

Caring for the prairie” October 2012

The Dark Energy Camera opens its eyes” September 2012

Fermilab retires iconic Cockcroft-Walton generators” August 2012

Precious cargo: Dark matter experiment set to move underground” July 2012

Department of Energy advances Fermilab’s Mu2e experiment” July 2012

Fermilab deputy director judges Google Science Fair” July 2012


Fermilab Videos

NOvA: Exploring Neutrino Mysteries” September 2012 with Jim Shultz, Reidar Hahn and Sarah Charley


Fermilab Today

RFQ system to take Fermilab into the Intensity Frontier” August 2012

Klystron six-cavity test shows promise for lower-cost linacs” August 2012

Hadron Collider School engages new generation of particle physicists” August 2012

Vellidis takes over as new CDF co-spokesperson” July 2012

New cable pulling method saves time and money” July 2012

‘Rugged Elegance’ art exhibit merges the earthy with the industrial” July 2012

Students help MicroBooNE clean up for its big debut” July 2012

Staying up late for the Higgs” July 2012

‘Creation’s Birthday’ brings Edwin Hubble’s contentious life to the Fermilab stage” July 2012

Alex Himmel wins 2012 URA Thesis Award” June 2012

GEM provides paths to advanced STEM degrees” June 2012

Employee Advisory Group welcomes new members, continues its mission” June 2012

Project X Physics Study shows a way forward for Fermilab” June 2012

For Fermilab’s bison farm, a surprise times five” June 2012

Project X workshop to develop future experiment framework” June 2012

Nobel laureate David Gross discusses impact of particle physics” June 2012

At New Perspectives, graduate students show off their work” June 2012

With big data, Fermilab plays a big role” June 2012

Matt Crawford helps Fermilab put its best foot forward” June 2012

Straight from the farm: Fermilab’s agriculture program” May 2012


Quantum Diaries

It’s ‘nus’ to me about these experiment names” August 2012


Free Radicals: Ruminations

Talking about frozen food with author Mark Kurlansky” Podcast, December 2012

Hospitalize me” December 2012

Meat the future” Op-Ed and Podcast, December 2012 with Kevin Jiang



Adele: anatomy of a brilliant, yet fragile, voice” April 2012


UGA Research Magazine

Winning the water war” Fall 2006


The Red & Black

Meningitis advice does not affect policy” February 2005

Secret affairs may be doomed” February 2005

D.W. Brooks construction soldiers on” February 2005

School of Music renamed” February 2005

Stem cells, bioethics discussed at forum” February 2005

Professor aids in land study” February 2005

State Senate OKs Gwinnett college separation” February 2005

Work continues on lab building” January 2005

Beloved judge, civil rights pioneer dies at 102” January 2005

Event covers stem cells” January 2005

Political expression, local service highlight MLK Day” January 2005

Faculty members react to Cobb evolution ruling” January 2005

Health Center expands flu shot priorities” January 2005

University GOP heads to D.C.” January 2005

Healthy calf born from a University-cloned cow” January 2005

Students modify Segway for touring” December 2004

Virtual reality aids cigarette addiction research” November 2004

Falconers hunt with wild grace” November 2004

Bush leading in Electoral College” November 2004

Grant funds health publicity campaign” October 2004

Where’s the beef? For sale on east campus” October 2004

Undergraduate research team milks project for all it’s worth” September 2004

Research funding tops expectations for year” August 2004

Religion professor studies, explains Islam” August 2004

CAES fields fresh dean applicants” August 2004

Students and faculty connect in residence hall” August 2004

Professors propose better fuel” July 2004

Trial Gardens host public open house” July 2004

Kerry vies for Southern vote with Edwards as VP” July 2004

Experts analyze Reagan’s influence on history” July 2004

Experts discuss stem cells” June 2004

Budget worries cause some to leave” April 2004